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Annual Inspection by the Soil Association – Acorn Dairy Ticks all the Boxes


This week we have a Soil Association inspector with us. All aspects of what we do from field to bottle is looked at. This includes looking at our comprehensive reports covering land management, silage storage, slurry use, VET and meds, individual animal records, feed and seed bought for and fed to the cows and cow welfare amongst many other things on the farm. The inspection also covers product storage, handling, labelling, and processing routine and milk traceability.
Here you Barry accompanying the inspector on a herd walk looking at the individual cows at close quarter. To say this inspection is comprehensive is an understatement. As members of the Soil Association we put ourselves up for one of the most stringent inspections in the industry and we are pleased to do so. It enables us to put their logo on our milk which gives you, our customer, confidence we are who we say we are and do as we say… produce high quality milk for you and your family.

If you know anyone who would like to have Acorn Dairy milk delivered to their doorstep, they can contact us on 01325 466999, or via our website  Thank you for any recommendations.

Caroline Bell

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