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Officially Excellent Milk

Soil Association Inspection Day!
Any business will confirm that audit days, when they hit, are taken very seriously by all. Graham has spent today with the inspector from the Soil Association. This is the organic certification audit that makes sure we are doing everything as it should be done and we are who we say we are- organic dairy farmers, selling our organic milk direct to you.
We would never consider farming non organically. Even when docks and thistles seem endless and need pulling by hand because herbicides are forbidden or when it would be easy/cheaper to squeeze a few more cows into a winter shed to save on straw costs or additional work for us through the day/ weekend. Chemical free soils and high cow welfare are just two things which go into producing certified, organic milk for you. All things are checked and paper trails followed. The Soil Association are stringent and give you as consumers, confidence the farm, milk and processing facility are giving you what you think you are buying… excellent milk for you and your family.

We are pleased to share the news that Acorn Dairy has passed today’s audit WITH NO NON COMPLIANCES AT ALL! This is impressive.
Well done Graham & Team.
(Cheesey PR pic follows below)

Graham in fridge

Caroline Bell

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