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Local Spotlight: Hutchinson Hobbs Farm Shop


Local spotlight: Hutchinson Hobbs Farm Shop


Family business Hutchinson Hobbs prides themselves on bringing the best produce to the plate, working closely with local farmers to source the finest products. The farm shop, in Yarm, sells a variety of products and even offers regular food tastings for customers to try before they buy.


We talk to farm shop manager, Jenny Hutchinson.


What is your role in the business?

Farm shop manager, accounts, marketing – and anything else that needs doing! It’s a small family run business so we all get stuck in wherever we are needed.


How long have you been open?

Just over 5 years.


What is your favourite thing about running a small business?

Working with a great small team of staff who all bring different skills to the job, as well as building relationships with customers and other local businesses.


What does quality mean to you?

Fresh, the best, and something to be proud of!


What is your favourite way to enjoy milk?



Describe your business in three words.

Local, community, quality.


What is your favourite product in the shop?

SA peppercorn sauce made with some of Acorn Dairies double cream (and a juicy steak from our butchery!)


How do you like your eggs?

Free range and scrambled.


When’s your favourite time of day?

Early morning, the start of a new day!


Tell us something random about you or your business?

Our logo comes from a little pink tractor our daughter drew when she was 5 years old, and our name is a combination of our surname and my maiden name.


How do you choose which products to stock?

Customer requests and recommendations, local suppliers, and food trends.


How well do you know your customers?

We regularly interact with our customers so we feel we know them pretty well.


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