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Local Spotlight: Barton Stores

Local spotlight: Barton Stores


For residents of Barton, Richmond, Barton Stores is a hub of the community. The store provides a wide range of products and provides customers with a friendly space to pick up all of their essential items.


As part of our Local Spotlight feature, we talk to owners, directors and secretaries, Darren and Laura Wool.


How long have you been open?

Five and a half years.


What is your favourite thing about running a small business?

Meeting new people, being at the centre of our village community.


What does quality mean to you?

Quality means everything – better quality leads to better products and ultimately more sales.


What is your favourite way to enjoy milk?

A cold milkshake, straight out of the fridge.


Describe your business in three words.

Local, convenient, friendly.


How do you choose which products to stock?

We choose products that are local, quality and customer preference.


How do you like your eggs?



When’s your favourite time of day?

I love 5am as it is peaceful, quiet and beautiful in the summer watching the sun rise and listening to the bird’s morning chorus. In the winter it’s not so nice, unless it snows and then you can be the first to see the untouched snow settled on the ground.


How well do you know your customers?

We know all of our customers very well; we know what their needs are from our store and we always make sure we can provide these products for them


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