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Building Projects A Plenty

Come mid to later October we are hoping to have our new youngstock and milking cow sheds complete. Progress is good so far but the weeks are flying by. The weather and grass growth dictates when we need to bring the cows inside over night, so we want to be completed well in advance so there are no last minute rushes.
Dates for your diary- 22nd – 24th September we will be holding a series of open farm events for our customers. We will be walking and talking you through the various design considerations and features that go into cow sheds to make our Acorn Dairy cows as comfortable as possible. Relaxed, comfortable ladies produce more and  better milk. No surprise there! Here is a very interesting aerial photo showing current building works here at the farm. Additional silage clamp storage was completed late spring.

You can also see the brown, newly sewn with grass seed, fields to the left of the photo- this is part of the farm next door we are now renting and converting to organic production. In the recent warm, wet weather these grass seeds have really taken off and the fields are now green. These will be cut and mulched for the next two years, while we try to improve the soils natural fertility and all traces of previous chemical fertilisers and pesticides used are removed.  We continue with on going drainage and beck improvements to aid this land. We hope it will fair well under organic management and compliment our organic farming business. Additional cows need additional good organic grass silage!


Caroline Bell

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