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Breakfast Time! Feeding our Hungry Ladies

Your local organic cows enjoying their freshly served breakfast this morning.

 Every morning, straight after milking, Barry, Philip & Richard give our girls an organic mix of silage, wheat, beans & whole crop their breakfast.
Like Pavlov’s dogs, they are tuned into the tone of our feed tractor engine and are ready & waiting for the mixer trailer as it passes by. The fresher the better as far as they are concerned, however it is there for them throughout the day.

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So what is happening in the grass fields, now the cows are predominantly inside?

The grass is not as nutritious as it was in the spring and summer and has all but stopped growing. To take out any weeds and older grasses we are about to take delivery our local herd of organic sheep.

Graham is shuddering at the thought and thorough fence checking is being done- sheep are absolute Houdini’s compared to cows. They are very welcome however, as they are a natural weed control. We do not use herbicide sprays obviously and want the pastures in top condition for the cows next spring.

Click Here: For deliveries of our award winning milk. (Available in returnable glass bottles in Darlington, Northallerton, Richmond, Barnard Castle, Aycliffe.)

Also available through retailers in North Yorkshire, Durham & Northumberland.



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