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Freshly Baked Bread to your Doorstep

Some Great news…
From Monday 22nd July we are delighted to have Cross Lanes Organic Café baking your bread orders. This will mark a move to an organically certified bakery selection of loaves, tea cakes & buns.

We are excited to move to an organic bread range as we are concerned at the occurrence of pesticide residues found in bread in the UK. The wheat used to make your Cross Lanes bread is supplied by Doves Farm & is UK grown from clean, healthy soils and will never have been sprayed with glyphosphate or any other pesticide or herbicide. Like Acorn Dairy, Doves Farm is certified by the Soil Association.

We will be collecting your freshly baked bread order on a Monday morning, when we deliver milk to the café & your bakery products will be waiting on your doorstep with your milk on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings. A mid week food highlight we hope!

We will be stocking their best selling lines (all of which all freeze beautifully- we have tested this.)
White Loaf 400g                    1.95
Wholemeal Loaf 400g          1.95
Granary Loaf 400g                2.10
Buns (4 pack) 4x 100g          2.30
Teacakes (2 pack) 2x 100g   1.80

Another improvement is in the packaging: Your bread will be delivered in a biodegradable bag, suitable for home composting. They will first degrade and then biodegrade into environmentally-benign products in a matter of months or years, rather than decades or centuries.’ These small, individual, environmental wins are important.

Cross Lanes is heavily acclaimed. They are winners of the national Farm Shop & Deli and BBC Good Food Awards.

Please place your bread order by 10am on a Friday morning to 01325 466999 /
You may like to place a rolling standing order once you have found your favourite loaf.

Caroline Bell

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