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The best, organic milk from our cows grazing the Yorkshire & Northumbria Dales

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Happy cows mean healthy cows

and better quality milk

‘Organic’ doesn’t just mean being careful what we feed to our cows. It also means giving our cows the best possible conditions so they are happy in their surroundings. After all, happy cows mean healthy cows – and better quality milk!

How do we keep them happy? It’s simple, really. Our policy is to try to prevent any problems in the first place. That means all the animals have more space in their housing during the winter and are allowed to graze outside naturally in Spring and Summer. All the young stock are raised on the farm and receive high levels of human care and attention. This has led to fewer health problems and if an animal does require treatment, homoeopathy is our first line of defence. Antibiotics are only used when necessary and if this is the case, the cow’s milk is withdrawn from public consumption for 3 times as long as non-organic milk.

We feel our Dairy Shorthorn cross breed is well suited to producing milk from an organic rotation with large amounts of forage, whilst avoiding the intensification problems associated with the Friesian and Holstein breeds, which can lead to higher antibiotic reliance.

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