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Soho Makes His Debut & Joins Team Acorn Dairy

Fresh from the hills of Kelso, the new Aberdeen Angus Bull is looking good to Acorn Dairy’s organic heifers. We mentioned the need for a new bull in your Spring newsletter. Our dairy shorthorn heifers are relatively small compared their Holstein counterparts and as such we do not want a socking great big bull crushing them with his award […]

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Help us Name our Christmas Day Heifer Calf Our expected Christmas Day arrival was born on cue. In the early hours, while Santa Claus was at his work, a super heifer calf arrived. Mum and daughter doing very well, making it a very Happy Christmas for us. It is some years since Cranberry arrived on 25th Dec […]

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Improving our Organic Cows Immune Systems = Apple Cider Vinegar!

We are always keen to run an experiment at Garthorne, particularly if there is an opportunity to improve things for the cows. Important you keep an open mind for this next bit. We have started a trail feeding our milking cows a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar every day, with the aim of boosting […]

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Early Evening Farm Walks

Acorn Dairy customers are invited to join us for a pleasurable evening tour of the farm in September. Meeting at 5.30 (approx. 2hrs) on: Tuesday 22nd Wednesday 23rd Thursday 24th Please bring the family and comfortable, cleanable footwear. (No dogs please) Always enjoyable for us, we look forward to welcoming doorstep and business customers, from Durham, Yorkshire […]

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A Notable Birth of our Own

Our Beloved Cranberry has her first Calf We love all our ladies and this face you may recognise too. Cranberry, with her recognisable ? shaped blaze, was born on Christmas Day 2012. Named by Acorn Dairy doorstep milk customers, we have enjoyed following her progress from calf to heifer and now cow. Over the same Saturday lunch time […]

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